Day Two: Bergen – Festival

It just so happens that the weekend I’ve been in Bergen is part of an extended International Festival here, which seems to consist mostly of concerts and shows, but also included the following random events, which I went to with Sophia (my girlfriend), who arrived here last night:

A circus workshop, mostly for small children:

IMG_2028 (1280x853)

Sophia gives it a try
Sophia gives it a try

A lego building event (definitely for small children):

IMG_2053 (1280x853)

In the city center of Bergen, there’s a famous street/wharf that used to be for fishing (and there’s still a fish market), but now mostly contains shops.  Everything is wooden, and sometimes you can climb stairs for a cool vantage point.

IMG_2008 (1280x853)

IMG_2018 (1280x853)

Not to leave anything missing, Bergen also has a fort.  I’ve certainly never seen a fort next to a container ship, if that’s what this is.

IMG_2001 (1280x853)

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