Day Thirty-Three: Istanbul rendezvous

My last day in Istanbul I spent with Anna, my traveling companion for the next two weeks or so while we’re in Tajikistan.

Starting with breakfast at the Cafe Privato. This is not what I expected to happen:

IMG_1749 - Copy (1024x768)

We re-visited the main historical attractions, because Anna hadn’t seen them – and fortunately for me, too, because somehow I had managed to miss most of Topkapı Palace and the upper level of the Hagia Sophia (though I think the latter had been closed).

IMG_5642 (1280x853)

IMG_5636 (1280x853)

IMG_5661 (1280x853)

On the way to the airport, there was an unusual billboard. Exotic as its destinations, were, though, they didn’t include ours.

What about Tajikistan?
What about Tajikistan?

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