Day Forty-Nine: Almaty, part two

The major destination of the day was the Central State Museum, which is quite impressive on both the outside and the inside. It fairly comprehensively covers Kazakhstan from the time of dinosaurs to modern history.

IMG_1901 (1280x960)

Photos aren’t allowed inside, but I snuck this one to show the amount of effort that went into making handwritten signs.

IMG_1900 (1280x960)

I had already met up with Sam (a friend recently made in Dushanbe) and Brendan (from Yale), and after the museum we were joined by Nazerke, a friend from Yale and a native of Almaty, just arrived home here, who in her apparently infinite hospitality has now spent the last two days showing us around.

I’ll just leave a couple of snapshots:

IMG_6489 (1280x853)

The dome is over an underground mall.
The dome is over an underground mall.



Posted from Almaty, Almaty Province, Kazakhstan.

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