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Week in Israel (Days 23-28)

Day 23

Once we arrived in Israel, we got straight to work on a bride kidnapping.

Sophia and I were in Israel, along with much of her extended family, for her cousin Vika’s wedding. As is traditional not traditional at all, Sophia, her nine-year-old sister, and I “kidnapped” Vika and took her to a “forest” where we lit a fire and roasted marshmallows. Along the way there we left hints for the groom to find to lead him to us. The hints were taped on to bottles of beer. This is how traditions get started, clearly.



 ^ We walk around placing hints. The treasure hunt doesn’t look so impressive on the map, does it?

Days 24-26

Sophia and I went to Tel Aviv. In the course of last minute hunting for a wedding present, we discovered according to a rigorous study that the probability of someone speaking Russian in Tel Aviv was higher than of speaking English.

Somewhere near the Israel Trail (?), I think, heading to a beach
Somewhere near the Israel Trail (?), I think, heading to a beach

Walking along a beach in Tel Aviv

The wedding was in the evening, with some of us staying overnight at the countryside venue. Although it was lovely, I’ll spare you the details.

Day 27

Hiking amid old ruins near Emmaus!

There are two monasteries near there, but they were closed.

My GPS software is messing up and making it hard to show where we hiked…

Day 28

The beach in Tel Aviv is wonderful to swim in, but one application of sunscreen has the same result as none in any climate I’ve been shirtless before. So painful…

Posted from Istanbul, Istanbul Province, Turkey.