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Days Twenty – Twenty-two: Barcelona (with pickpocketing)

Update: I did manage to get a replacement debit card and some cash, and am continuing on my journey.


To get it right out of the way: I was pickpocketed on the metro in Barcelona, which, because I stupidly had all my money and cards in my wallet in my pocket, seriously threatens the rest of my trip.

To sum up the lessons learned:

  1. Barcelona is well known for pickpocketing. Not knowing this was the first mistake. The entire rest of my itinerary is probably considerably less safe, in basically all senses of the word.
  2. Do not carry all of your cash in the same place.
  3. Even more importantly, do not carry all of your cards (credit/debit) in the same place, because…
  4. credit/debit cards are really difficult to replace while traveling, and it’s hard to live without them (because otherwise you have only cash, which means a lot of it; and it may not even be possible to buy plane tickets with cash).

Now I find myself in Israel (my next planned destination, as expected – more in other forthcoming posts) at the mercy of Visa [credit cards] International’s emergency card replacement service, which, thank God, promises to replace my debit card by two-day delivery (and I actually have a fixed address here for almost a week), but I’ll believe it when I see it. In the mean time I have zero dollars (ok, I have 15 euros) and zero ways of obtaining any.

Honestly, this experience ruined Barcelona for me and makes it hard to write about what else happened and show happy and touristy pictures of the place. I remember the fact that Park Güell and Montjuïc and the beach and La Rambla and other parts seemed nice at the time, and I have the photos, but so does every stupid American tourist who goes to a tourist mecca like Barcelona, so if you want to see those places, google them. All I can say is that if I make it to Stanland, I might be a little wiser now.

Posted from Kefar Sava, Center District, Israel.